LED lighting ideas for each room of your home
LED lighting ideas

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LED lighting ideas for each room of your home

LED lighting is fast becoming the go-to option for homeowners because it’s energy efficient, holds up longer over time, and its versatility allows for creative lighting designs.

Not the creative type? Don’t worry!

Our electricians in Springfield have completed many beautiful home lighting projects.

Before we dive into designs, a quick word on LED bulbs. 

You might not be aware that watts are not the measure of brightness. Lumens are. 

When you go to buy LED bulbs, you will compare lumens and color. Here’s a quick guide to that if you need it.

Without further ado, here are just a few ways Bonnivier Electric can install LED lighting in each room of your home!

LED lighting ideas for the bedroom

Professionally-installed recessed LED lighting and LED light strips can produce some stunning 3D-like effects and a stylish, modern look. 

Contemporist has a good list of nine examples of this in this blog, but here’s one design you might have seen at Hard Rock Casino (designed by Chemical Spaces): 

LED lighting under bed

You can also accentuate the design of your walls and ceiling with LEDs as well. Or, you can do a simple false ceiling in plaster like this design from PureEdge Lighting: 

LED ceiling lighting

Kitchen LED lighting ideas

LED lights, if you choose the correct bulbs, are a great choice for brightening up your kitchen and providing high-quality lighting for your food preparation. 

Check out this under-cabinet lighting addition by Tech Lighting:

Kitchen LED lighting ideas

You can also use LED strips as accent lighting for cabinets or shelves to show off your fine china: 

Kitchen LED lighting

LED lighting for the living room

When it comes to the living room, bulb selection is very important. 

You want to keep in mind the mood you desire for your living room and select the right brightness and temperature. 

As for design, you can use the same indirect lighting ideas to accent walls and ceilings or underneath sofas and chairs similar to what we’ve shown for the bedroom. 

A few lights can add a sleek, modern look to your living room:

LED lighting in the living room

If you have unique wall textures, wall sconces, track lighting, and other fixtures can draw them out and illuminate the walkway like this:

LED wall lighting

LED bathroom lighting ideas

Functional but elegant. That’s the idea behind LED lighting designs and how you can turn a boring bathroom into one your guests talk about like this one from Houzz

LED bathroom lighting

LEDs around the mirror to give you an evenly lit face to get ready in the morning and colored lights for the shelf underneath for added flair and to direct your guests to the extra towels and washcloths. 

Showers and bathtubs can be illuminated too.Walk-in showers can have lights above or in the floor below. Here’s an example of the former from Next Luxury:

LED shower lighting

Home lighting design for Springfield and Southwest Missouri

Our electricians at Bonnivier Electric can help you decide on LED lighting upgrades for your residence in Springfield, Missouri or the surrounding area. 

Once you settle on a design, we can install and show you how to operate your new lighting if necessary. 

You can give us a call at 417-430-1516 or fill out the form below to reach us.

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